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Expansion joints made of fluoroplastic

PTFE expansion joints are typically used when working with highly corrosive chemicals or in chemically hazardous environments to compensate for increased temperature and vibration, as well as water hammer caused by the transfer of chemically hazardous substances such as acids, alkalis and solvents in high concentrations.
Fluoroplastic is a unique synthetic material that surpasses many other materials in its chemical properties, such as precious metals, enamels, special steels, etc. Expansion joints made of this material can be fixed with special rings made of carbon or stainless steel.

Typically used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Available sizes: wide range, upon request

Operating temperature: from -269 ° С to + 260 ° С, and the upper limit concerns only mechanical parameters, since chemical resistance does not disappear even at high temperatures.

Working pressure: depending on the working temperature, usually up to 20 bar.


  • strong connection,
  • very high chemical and temperature resistance,
  • easy to clean.


  • does not lose its properties even at high temperatures,
  • low coefficient of friction, practically independent of temperature,
  • water-repellent and inert material,
  • very high chemical and temperature resistance,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • a light weight.

The production of expansion joints of this type requires a high level of specialists; at high temperatures it does not tolerate alkali metals, ammonia solutions, chlorine and fluoride trifluoride.


For the production of fluoroplastic expansion joints, a wide experience in their manufacture and highly qualified personnel is required, capable of calculating and designing the finished product, which is the most suitable for this case.
Guided by our experience and all of the above, TMS offers to purchase such products on request in the shortest time possible from our European manufacturers. Production of which complies with all European norms and standards.

TMS specialists will calculate the delivery of compensators to your company, taking into account all your wishes and requirements.

We offer PTFE, stainless steel, rubber and textile expansion joints.