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Rubber compensators (flanged or grooved) is made from a special rubber composition varies depending on the transported medium. A number of advantages, which has a rubber expansion joint flange, allows its use in various environments. The resilient rubber member compensator flange made of elastomer becomes brittle, is not subject to fatigue.

The main property of the compensator: Removal vibration loads from the equipment. In addition, mobile and flexible rubber bellows compensator to compensate for thermal movement of piping and equipment.

  Rubber flange compensator during installation does not require any special installation equipment.

  Most often, these products are used in chemically aggressive environments, for large values of compensated displacement oscillation and vibration, wide range of operating pressures, including at high temperatures - all of these factors must be taken into consideration when placing an order for this product.

Rubber Expansion find their application because of its diverse properties:

Provide compensation for thermal expansion.

Provide compensation for axial, shear and angular displacements.

Have a sound insulation properties.

Compensate inaccuracies build the pipelines.

Reduce the impact of the shock wave.

Resistant to vacuum and pressure.

corrosion resistant.

• Have a long life

• Maintenance

 Durable to temperature

At the heart of our work is the interaction with customers. Together with your experts we will coordinate all your wishes and technical requirements for rubber expansion joints and on this basis to make a detailed technical and commercial proposal with the necessary technical specifications.

In our company you can buy rubber antivibration joints, flange and coupling of stock availability, or order the production of the following characteristics:

Nominal diameter DN: 15 to 1000 mm .;

Operating pressure PN: from vacuum up to 25 bar;

With an operating temperature T: - 40 to 110 degrees Celsius;

Material bellows: EPDM, NBR, HNBR, FPM, CIIR, CR, CSM;

Material coupling products: carbon or stainless steel, cast iron;

For fluids: water, steam, gas, oil, oil, chemical environment.

The price of rubber compensator depends on the type of materials used in the manufacture, specifications and the type of connection fittings.

  To get a more detailed proposal, please contact the managers of the company TMS.