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EPTFE tape is the latest achievement in the field of sealing materials from expanded PTFE. To simplify installation, the tape is self-adhesive layer.

BAND FLANGE self-adhesive tape from expanded PTFE

EPTFE tape made of pure expanded PTFE microporous structure with fibers. Depending on the application, are supplied tapes round and rectangular section. To simplify installation, the tape has an adhesive layer with barrier tape.

The tape can be used in all types of flanges, caps and other elements, where the entire load is taken by the sealing material. For example, pipes, casings of machines, ventilators, air conditioners, pumps.



pH: From 0 to 14

Temperature: from -240 ° C to + 270 ° C, briefly up to + 315 ° C

Self-adhesive tape from expanded (thermally expanded) PTFE (PTFE). This is one of the most high-performance, reliable, convenient and cost-effective sealing material to date.

This product is produced by thermal expansion, followed by forming 100% virgin polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Feed intended for sealing and encapsulation of fixed plug connections, including flanges, tanks, piping flanges, the flanges and the reservoir of hydraulic, pneumatic systems, etc.

ePTFE allows for maximum reliability and efficiency of sealing compounds with damaged, uneven sealing surfaces. Particularly convenient to use PTFE tape for work "on the spot".

PTFE tape provided heat resistant adhesive that allows for installation of the seal in an environment where the use of ready-made linings made of other materials is limited or impossible. The tape of expanded PTFE seal allows the pipe flanges and other connections of large diameters with virtually no restrictions.

Feed supple, easy to use, easy to cut in appropriate places, that ensures that no scrap and waste, which, in turn, makes this seal cost effective PTFE. The use of expanded PTFE tape, significantly reduces the time required for maintenance or repair of connecting nodes.

Application of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene tape eliminates the need for expensive purchases of finished gaskets PTFE sheet and leads to significant cost savings enterprise. Also, there is no need to hold large stocks of finished pads.

PTFE tape may be used to seal the chemically aggressive media except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.

Same quality PTFE tape works on metal surfaces and glass, plastics, ceramics, enamels, etc.

Working environment:

Any chemically aggressive liquids and gases within pH 0-14.

PTFE tape is not exposed to a variety of aggressive environments, including very strong acids, alkalis and solvents. Tape can operate in environments of strong oxidants such as nitric acid, chlorine dioxide, sulfuric acid of high concentration (Oleum) and others, except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.

This product is present continuously in the warehouses of TMS.

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