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Technical SIA Tehnisko Materiālu Sagāde, with registration number 50103379531 and legal address at Baltā iela 7, Riga, LV-1055, Latvia, hereinafter referred to as the "Company," is committed to protecting individuals' information and ensuring users' privacy rights regarding the company's website and its content.

This document on cookie usage provides information to visitors about the technologies used on our website and how the Company applies them.


A cookie is a small text file that a website sends to a visitor's computer or mobile device when the website is visited. This file is stored on the visitor's device and sent back to the website on each subsequent visit, allowing the website to "remember" the visitor and their choices in future visits. This makes the website easier to use, such as remembering user preferences.

Cookie Classification:

(a) First-party cookies are created and managed by the company itself, sent from its own server or domain.

(b) Third-party cookies are created and managed by independent service providers and can be sent from various servers or domains not directly related to the service provider.

Processor is a person or organization that alone or together with others determines how and for what purposes personal data will be processed.

Purposes and Legal Basis for Cookie Usage

Cookies are used to make our digital services more accessible and user-friendly, improving user experience, and providing personalized information about our products and services. We use various types of cookies, including mandatory cookies, as well as cookies for analytics and audience analysis, the use of which requires your consent.

Cookie Categories and Their Application

We use two cookie categories - mandatory and non-mandatory. By agreeing to the use of non-mandatory cookies, you agree to the use of all cookies in this category. You can change your preferences at any time.

Mandatory Cookies

These cookies are essential for providing the basic functions of the website and its uninterrupted operation. Without these cookies, the website could not function properly. They are stored on your device for as long as necessary to ensure the basic functions of the website.

Name Purpose
csrftoken A security cookie to maintain user session security
cc_cookie Tracks users' consent preferences regarding the use of cookies
popup Tracks popup dispaying on site


Analytics Cookies

These cookies help us understand how visitors use our website, allowing us to improve its operation and user experience. If you choose not to use these cookies, we will not be able to include your visit in our statistics.

Withdrawal of Consent

You can change your consent to the use of cookies or completely opt out of them at any time, except for mandatory cookies.

Third-Party Cookies

Our website also uses third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics, which provide anonymous information about user actions on the website.

Accept/Reject Name Purpose
Accept/Reject _ga Registers a unique ID used to generate statistics on how the visitor uses this site
Accept/Reject _gat Uses Google Analytics to adjust the number of requests
Accept/Reject _gid Used to calculate visitor, session, and campaign data for site analytics reports


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