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Fabric expansion joints

Flexible joints, mostly fiberglass, sometimes coated with silicone or PTFE (a type of Teflon) for added protection. High resistance to chemicals and temperature extremes, good load distribution.

Designed for pumping carbon monoxide, gas, dust and other vapors. It is used in cold and hot air, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A variety of fabrics are available, depending on the operating environment and expected operating temperature. Due to their flexibility and elasticity, they can be used in pipes of any shape.

Recommended for abrasive products pumped at extremely high speeds and chemically hazardous substances.

Available sizes: from DN15 to 1000 mm.

Working temperature: -50 ° C to 1000 ° C

Working pressure: 0.2 to 30 bar


  • reduces vibration load,
  • protects against changes in temperature and pressure,
  • compensates for lateral movements and dampens sound,


  • easy installation and connection to existing equipment or connection,
  • transmits and compensates for movement in several directions at the same time,
  • with an additional impermeable coating, provides high pressure resistance over a wide temperature range,
  • high mechanical strength,
  • resistant to repeated deformations.

Expansion joints are available in multi-layer materials, including a PTFE coating (a type of Teflon) for use in chemically aggressive environments and a silica or ceramic fiber coating for improved thermal stability. Additional insulation is also possible.


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