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Get unique service guarantees and convenient delivery times - absolutely free!

After a comprehensive analysis among our consumers / customers, it was found that the majority of customers in a certain period of time, tried to start direct cooperation with manufacturers of parts and consumables. Almost all respondents were faced with the following problems:

Often, these barriers don't allow to establish a partnership with respect to the manufacturers, and consumers were forced to change their  request despite the fact that there were offers on the local market. Thus, without getting really interesting goods in accordance with quality and economic benefits!

The company TMS has considered all these factors, and today we are ready to offer you our new service, the name of which has become our motto! TMS - "Your personal warehouse."

In view of the fact that our company has extensive experience and is already working with many global manufacturers, we have a much easier time finding an understanding with manufacturers that could interest you.

And with the network of customers and partners that we have available today, and knowing that it will only expand with surprising acceleration, it's much easier for us to ensure the implementation of manufacturer requirements and obtaining a mutually beneficial proposal.

Given the fact that in this procedure, the company TMS does not require monetary compensation, the client risks nothing and remains a winner.

Our cooperation with you, might look like this:

You tell us about your products and give necesssery requirements and specifications.

We contact the supplier, check the availability of certificates, technical documents, and a price that will suit all parties!

After that, negotiations about the quality of the goods are under way with a mandatory fitness test in your company. In most cases, absolutely free!

Prepare an order from your company, taking into account long-term consumption.

Further, in the shortest possible time the delivery is made to your company.

The difference between the minimum party and your actual consumption stays in our warehouse, guaranteeing you instant access to these reserves 24 hours a day.

From our side we guarantee the preservation and timely replenishment of this stock in the future.

Thus, you get a reliable and profitable partner in the form of our company, your supplies are the most cost efficient, you get rid of the need to store this product, reducing costs and thereby increasing profitability and competitiveness of your products without loss of quality!

If you want to get more information on this service and begin preparations, contact our managers who are happy to answer all your questions and start preparations.

The sooner we start the process, the sooner you get rid of unnecessary costs and existing  inconveniences!!!

Remember TMS - Your personal stock!