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Starting from 2017, Tehnisko Materiālu Sagāde (TMS) became the official representative of Novaflex in the Baltic States and CIS countries!

For many years Novaflex has been manufacturing and selling industrial hoses. Previously, the company was focused on the North American market, where it still occupies a leading position. In the process of the company's development, an enterprise was opened in England (Liverpool neighborhood), where by its own technology, composite hoses were manufactured. To date, the company has the ability to produce all the popular sizes of high quality composite hoses. Hoses, ranging from DN25 to DN200, are produced in coils of 40 meters, and the diameter of DN250 is now limited to a length of 15 meters. The enterprise has the latest equipment, and the production meets the highest international quality standards. Today the hoses of Novaflex have already found their recognition in Europe, the Baltics, Russia and the Middle East. Unlike its competitors, Novaflex keeps the most popular sizes and types of hoses in stock, which allows the delivery of the required volume within a few days from order time.

Also the company offers its customers to modify the goods, for example:

  • Order hoses of the color you need
  • Order hoses with identification marking
  • Order hoses with your logos

All these advantages are supplemented by the highest quality of the end product made in Europe and flexible pricing policy!

The TMS company sells ready-made composite hoses and conducts compression works in Latvia, at 24 Ramuļu Street, Riga.


We offer and provide a full in-place service of composite hoses in Riga!

Our services:

  • Manufacturing hoses according to your needs
  • Repair of hoses - existing hoses. Also we repair hoses of other manufacturers
  • Hydrostatic testing of hoses / testing - based on the permission of the Latvian Maritime Administration
  • Testing of hoses and connection for electrical conductivity
  • Consulting and design

Our company has its own equipment and the necessary knowledge for carrying out an annual hydrostatic testing of hoses both in our workshops and in the place on the customer's premises. This procedure is carried out in accordance with Novaflex technology and is accredited by the organization "Latvian Maritime Administration".

Composite pressure-suction hoses are a new generation of light and very flexible hoses with a special design consisting of several layers. They are used mainly in industrial installations and during unloading of automobile, railway tanks and sea transport tanks.

The composite hose has a specific design. It consists of the following elements:

  • Internal spiral - galvanized steel, stainless steel, steel with polymer coating can be used. In order to facilitate the hose, in some cases a helix of aluminum can be used (in order to reduce the weight of the product)
  • Inner layers - depending on the purpose of the hose, polypropylene, teflon, polyamide, polyester and film can be used;
  • External protective surface - depending on the purpose of the hose, polyester, polyamide, as well as fire-resistant materials can be used.
  • External spiral - stainless steel or galvanized steel - the outer spiral holds all the elements of the hose into one piece, protects the hose from cuts, crushing and bending.

Due to these design features, composite hoses have a number of undeniable advantages over similar rubber products and metal hoses. Among them:

  • Durability - service life of composite hose - 5 years and more
  • Lower weight
  • Unique flexibility even at low temperatures
  • High resistance to oil products and other chemicals

Composite hoses meet international standards. The safety factor of the hoses is not less than 4: 1 and depends on the maximum operating pressure. For example, at a hose with a working pressure of 14 bar the safety factor is 4: 1, which means that the critical moment will be reached only at a pressure of 56 bar. The electrical conductivity is provided by the connection of the inner and outer wires with the reinforcement. Composite hoses are inspected at different stages of manufacture, taking into account the control of their length before, during and after the test, as well as the electrical conductivity during all stages of the test.

Hoses are divided by application area:

  1. Petroleum products transportation hoses - the most popular are Uni-Oil GG, Uni-Zene GG
  2. Hoses for chemicals transportation - the most popular are  Uni-Chem PG, Uni-Flon SS
  3. Hoses for liquefied gases transportation - Uni-Chem SS, LPG HOSE.

Industrial hoses from Novaflex are offered to customers as finished products. We will coordinate with the customer the type of hose, the required length and the pressed ends. The crimping of hoses is carried out in the factory on special equipment. If necessary, it is possible to produce hoses with the buyer's logo in the right color, suitable length and in accordance with specific parameters (aggressive chemistry, high working temperatures, etc.).

More details about the proposed sleeves and methods of using them can be found here.

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