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Dry disconnect connections (manufactured by Manntek)

Highly toxic liquids such as acids and alkalis, as well as other chemicals that are dangerous to human life, require very strict protection against possible leakage. Sometimes even a small drop can cause serious harm to the human body. In this case, the solution is a dry-type seam that minimizes the possibility of leakage. If the hose is disconnected from the normal connections, excess fluid will leak out when lowering. For dry connections, this possibility is prevented by the presence of shut-off valves at both ends of the connection, which automatically block the flow of fluid in the event of a break in the connection.

It is a fast and secure connection - the two parts are connected and slightly rotated, which allows both parts to interact with each other, opening each other's valve. When the connection is disconnected, the valve closes again.

These types of connections are used in a variety of locations, including aircraft refueling. The fuel hose is connected to the fuel supply tank, but when disconnected, both connections close automatically to prevent fuel leakage.

Typically used in the following situations:

  • If the liquid has a high value,
  • If, in the event of a spill, costly environmental clean-up is required,
  • If it is too expensive to add or dispose of fluid,
  • If the liquid is hazardous to the environment,
  • If the liquid is dangerous to human health or life,
  • If there is a risk of accidental spillage or loss of fluid.

Pressure resistance: up to 38 bar

Working fluids: any toxic and hazardous fluid.

Designed to connect the hose to the reservoir and allow to completely avoid the leakage of the product in the process of connecting and disconnecting, as automatically close the two elements - the tank and hose, special valves at the time of separation.

Mann Tek compound produced in Sweden. They are manufactured according to international standard STANAG 3756, completely interchangeable and compatible with compounds TODO-MATIC, Emco Weaton Avery Hardoll, TODO.

Company TMS, since 2011, is a business partner of Mann Tek in the Baltic States. The supplied high-tech connections come directly from the manufacturer to the customer for a suggested price of the company. Company TMS in this chain acts as a link. Due to the wide experience of our staff and the availability of all technical documentation, we are ready and efficiently respond to any questions regarding this product.

Dry socket connections Mann Tek should be used in areas of transportation of liquids, gases where leaks can be costly and harmful.
On the Connections Mann Tek have certificates GOST-R.
To disconnect - Turn and pull - disconnected, no leaks!
For connection - Push and turn - connected, the total head

They are especially needed in the areas of zero tolerance leaks when your product:
• It is quite expensive
• require costly cleaning environment in case of leakage
• It is expensive for recycling or disposal
• Dangerous for the environment
• can be hazardous to health

Dry detachable connections (DDCouplings Dry Disconnect Couplings) used by manufacturers of ink, adhesives, fatty acids, pharmaceutical agents, liquid soaps, petroleum products, chemicals, agricultural chemicals and a wide range of specific and corrosive acids.

Dry air Compound - DACouplings Dry Aviation Couplings are designed for use in aircraft with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar (150 psi). Operating temperature range from -38 ° C to +60 ° C. However, when using the special low-temperature gasket may be used at temperatures up to -55 ° C. These compounds are not suitable for refilling Wheel arch.

All compounds can be used for primary or rear loading vehicle. These compounds are produced in accordance with international standards: ISO 45, MS24484, NATO STANAG 3105, British Aerospace Specification 2C14.
Connections are made from high-strength aluminum or stainless steel.

What are the benefits of dry disconnect aircraft units?
• When connecting and disconnecting the fuel hose exclude the possibility of the spillage of product
• Minimize leaks and dangerous environmental impact of harmful gases and liquids
• Easy to use - saves time
• reliable and easy to maintain and repair that preserves your investment
• Connections are made according to the standards of production Mann Tek DACouplings compatible with existing aviation units, manufactured in accordance with STANAG 3105
• approved by the European Directives PED and ATEX and international requirements ADR.

Breaking the connection (coupling), excluding the spill, with Ropes for emergency disconnection - Industrial Safety Break-away Coupling, cable release is intended to prevent rupture of cargo hose and cargo spill during an emergency (unexpected departure of the vessel, at a distance greater than the length of the cable for emergency separation). Beyond this distance the cable works, the clutch is released, and the flaps inside both her half - remaining on the hose and remains on the receiving line - closed, ensuring tightness.
Materials: aluminum, brass, stainless steel.
Sizes: 1 to 4 ", PN16.
Connections: Female thread

You can also purchase seal, in addition to the product "Mann Tek", since they are made of different materials that are suitable for any purpose.

If you have any questions, please Inters you contact our managers!

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Dry Disconnect Couplings