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Company TMS is a business partner of the Italian company IVG Colbachini SpA and all shipments of this product are made directly from Italy.

Manufacturer: IVG SOLBACHINI SpA - A large Italian company, the market leader in industrial equipment, a leading manufacturer of industrial hoses. High product quality is achieved by using its own innovation, the introduction of advanced technology, high quality materials and strict control at all stages of production.

Ordered sleeves on request can be equipped with a connecting fitting with one or both ends. The company also proposes to use crimping of different sizes. In this case, one sleeve can have different fitting sizes, which makes the product more versatile (usually the last sleeve in the feeding line).

The sleeves are manufactured by IVG Colbachini SpA, have certificates of compliance with the requirements of the European Union and are widely used in the Baltic countries and the nearest countries. IVG Colbachini SpA is certified in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9001: 2000.

We can also supply the other consumable parts of the system, connecting locks and seals forthem, cleaning devices (balls of porous rubber).

More information about this sleeve is available in catalogs that are presented below:

PDF sleeve
PDF accessories

For any questions, please contact the managers of the company TMS