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What are silicone rubber gaskets & seals?
Choose from an extensive range of silicone rubber seals, gaskets, washers and sleeves. Using innovative cutting and jointing equipment, TMS can produce silicone rubber gaskets and seals in both solid and sponge, punched or water-jet cut from a variety of silicone sheet materials produced on site.

Why use silicone gaskets?
TMS has the facility to manufacture vulcanized jointed silicone rubber gaskets from profiles and section, often incorporating items such as clips and valves.
Washers can be punched from a silicone sheet using a high volume-punching machine or, alternatively, parted off from extruded silicone tubing.
Either way, excellent tolerances can be achieved across a range of the silicone gaskets.
Silicone sleeves are produced using automated precision cutting machines to ensure excellent tolerance bands are maintained for both small and high volume orders.
We are manufacturers of custom and large batch silicone gaskets for OEMs, industrial and commercial uses. We can produce anti-bacterial, specialist and high temperature silicone seals for a variety of applications and markets.


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