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PVC Layflat pressure hoses

Totally unique hoses that have the ability to work under comparatively high pressure at a relatively low weight. Most importantly, when empty, large-diameter hoses don't take up much space. These hoses are widely used in irrigation, agriculture and construction.

LayFlat - theses mobile backbones of supply lines, are designed for low and medium pressure to 4 atmospheres. Layflat does not deform under the influence of temperature is not damaged by UV rays, has a long service life, can withstand high pressure and allows the passage of wheeled vehicles over them (when hoses are empty). LayFlat hoses are widely used for water supply and fertilizer solutions in systems of drip irrigation, or to redistribute large amounts of water.

The hose has a high resistance to wastewater. The excellent wear resistance of TPU allows you to quickly deploy a very thin-walled and light pipe with a larger diameter in areas of work without the risk of damage to the hose.

Advantages and distinctive characteristics of layflat pipes:

  • Long pipes with quick couplings connecting the ends can reach 100m    
  • Temperature range -10 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • Wear-resistant to kinking and twisting and aging    
  • Not subject to corrosion and UV radiation
  • Ideal for the water supply to the irrigation system    
  • Chemically inactive (not interact with the fluid)
  • Do not require drying and special care after the operation and storage    
  • Take up little space during storage and transport
  • Can be wound or twisted while wet    
  • Have a high degree of maintainability, even in the field
  • Much easier to all pipes and hoses of classic with comparable strength    
  • Deploying the pipeline at any location does not require pre-course preparation
  • The sleeves are made of traditional colors (green, blue, orange), but can be manufactured in color, according to customer requirements.

TMS also offer uprated layflat pipes, that have a protective layer of fiberglass, making them capable of withstanding pressures up to 13 bar. Most of these sleeves are used in fire suppression systems, and the company can also equip them with the manufacturer's tips. TMS offers these products both with tips and without them.

These pipes are always in TMS warehouses. We offer the most favorable conditions for the volume you are interested in.