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TANKWAGEN couplings

Typically used for filling and pumping tanks. It is used for both chemical and petrochemical fluids and food products. The coupling consists of two connecting parts ("male" and "female"), one of which is inserted into the other and rotates while the handle is folded down, which allows them to be tightly connected to each other. Rings are attached to the two protrusions of the "female" part, which are additionally fixed, but when the handle is tilted down, the connection becomes even tighter.

Pressure resistant: typically works up to 16 bar.

Working fluids: usually used for pumping liquids, sometimes for dry and bulk products or gases (not suitable for liquefied gases and vapors).

Additional specification: Usually attached to the hose using a safety clip or screwing on a metal cap.

Operating temperature -30 ° C / -22 ° F to 120 ° C / 248 ° F


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