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Fixation elements - Clamps

To ensure the safety of the connection from sudden breaks and to ensure a tighter connection of parts, additional fastening elements are needed - clamps. Each type of fluid and pressure requires a specific shut-off element. Therefore, it is important to understand all the requirements in order to make both a cost-effective and an effective fixation method.

TORRO clamp is a cheap and versatile clamp that can be used to fasten any hose or pipe. Easily adjustable for different hose diameters, as the size is fixed with a small screw. Although it is quite useful in everyday life, in case of higher blood pressure, a safer option should be chosen.

GBS Stop Clamp is a more serious clamp that can handle higher loads. The disadvantage is the small size of flexibility, as it is determined by the size of the screw. It is usually chosen when a higher working pressure is expected. Easy to install both manually and using various standard tools.

Clamp with two and three screws - If you need a strong clamp with more flexibility, use the version with two or three screws, which expands the ability to adjust the clamp to the hose diameter. The clamp is easily installed and tightened with screws to fit the hose, forming a tight and strong connection.

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