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It is mainly used to cover the edges around the perimeter. Such seals are used to close the edges of car doors and garage doors, as well as in places where containers are sealed, which prevents dust, water and air from affecting the materials inside. The technical parameters or the shape of the profile of the seal have already been defined. It performs the functions of shock absorption, sealing and waterproofing.

To purchase the required version of a rubber seal, our consultants need to find out the desired color, hardness and configuration (desired shape), we will either choose the best option from the existing ones, or make a non-standard profile according to your parameters.

Groups of rubber seals are available:

  • Heat, cold, acid and alkali resistant rubber
  • Oil and petrol resistant rubber (NBR);
  • Weatherproof rubber (AMC);
  • Rubber from rubber;
  • Silicone rubber.

Bio-inert gaskets (silicone rubber) can withstand both very high and low temperatures and are not subject to corrosion processes, and the gaskets can safely contact food without causing contamination.

By choosing our offer, you will receive:

  • Rubber material according to your requirements;
  • A wide variety of templates and designs that save time and money,
  • The ability to quickly create the desired sample as needed,
  • Possibility to order manufacturing in small batches,
  • Samples for testing
  • Required certificates.

Storage / care

It is best to store rubber profiles indoors - in a closed and dry place, preferably in their original packaging. Make sure there are no substances in the room that can react with rubber products. Do not place products near heaters or in direct sunlight.

Rubber and silicone profile catalog

Rubber profile catalog