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Rubber profile - Universal product used primarily for sealing and locking compounds, as well for amortization, sealing and waterproofing. Can be used in almost any industrial plant, in many technical devices in medicine, agriculture and households.

PROFILES rubber sealing:

Here you can buy rubber profiles for various purposes, color, hardness, configuration.

Company TMS produces rubber products of its own production, and foreign companies that allows us to offer our customers a wide range of products and provide the best service.

Along with the typical, simple sealing profiles (rectangular, square, trapezoidal, circular cross-sections and their derivatives), we accept orders for the production of rubber sealing profiles on drawings and sketches of the customer with any non-standard, complex sections and performance.

You can create seals, profiles of the following groups of rubber:



weatherproof (AMC);




Seals are made of biologically inert materials on the basis of silicone rubber can withstand high or very low temperatures, can come into contact with foodstuffs, resistant to corrosion.


Rubber profile - Universal products used primarily for sealing and locking compounds, as well as depreciation, sealing and waterproofing.

Most often, the profile is used to seal windows in cars, buildings, greenhouses, equipment, etc. However, this narrow field of application is not limited to the profile. Meet one or the other type of profile can be almost any industrial plant, in many technical devices in medicine, agriculture and households.

So wide range of application dictates different quality requirements profiles and their features. The cost of the rubber profile is formed on the volume that interests the client, as well as it's characteristics and application areas.


There are typical rubber profiles round, rectangular and trapezoidal, square. However, it is often difficult section type adapted for specific uses. Also, very often clients need profiles made by their drawings. TMS company offers a wide range of rubber profiles of standard and non-standard form, as well as manufactured according to customer drawings.

Advantages of working with us:

  • possible selection of a rubber composition according to customer requirements;
  • a large variety of dies and molds;
  • rapid design and manufacturing of tooling (dies, molds);
  • possible to produce small batches of products;
  • provide samples for testing;
  • products are certified;

Widespread black rubber profiles. This is due to the fact that the rubber composition includes a reinforcing filler such as soot, which provides additional strength to the product.


  Storage of rubber profiles should be made mandatory in indoor dry place. Thus it is necessary to keep the product in its original packaging. It is not recommended to store rubber profiles with substances that can react with rubber products. It is also necessary to place these items away from heaters and protect from direct sunlight.

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