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Such hoses are suitable for both very high (over 500 degrees) and very low temperatures, as they retain flexibility due to the corrugated surface. When choosing metal hoses, take into account their specifications, as the strength of the hose will be determined by its weakest part. The type of connecting pipes that will be used in the workflow is also important here. Shirred versions are usually lightweight and widely compatible. The steel used is suitable for handling aggressive and highly toxic chemicals. It should be noted that metal hoses often have poor frictional resistance.

Operating temperature: from -270 to + 550 ° С.

Standard size range: DN6 - DN300

The types of the carrier and the outer shell

For the production of stainless steel metal hoses are used double-layer corrugated bearing (bellows) shell increased flexibility, covered by one or two layers of outer / protective sheath. Corrugated shell is produced by hydroforming or mechanical forming. Bellows material - stainless steel 316L brand, shielding 304L - Stainless Steel.

Protective sheath-layer has greater reliability and a greater allowable working pressure, but less flexibility and, as a consequence, a greater weight. It is intended to prevent axial elongation during operation under high pressure, increasing the stability and overall design of the carrier shell protection from mechanical damage.

The range of semi-anadromous carrier shell diameters from 6mm to 300mm.

Pros of metal hoses:

low cost
Durability (50 000 cycles)
High rates of operating temperatures
High operating pressure
Small weight of the product
Minimum bending radius
Ability to absorb water hammer
A wide range of drift diameter
Compatible with any final fittings

Cons of metal hoses:

Corrugated base bellows
High loss and heat transfer to the housing
Vulnerability to mechanical damage
There is no possibility of repair in the field
Metal hoses are no longer a novelty, and today they can be found in almost all kinds of industries. The company has supplied such TMS sleeve for transferring products, such as petrochemicals, nitrogen, gases, vapors, condensates, bitumen, tar, liquid asphalt and more.

Company TMS stores the raw materials for the manufacture of fabricated metal sleeves in Riga (Latvia). Our equipment allows us to produce a sleeve of this type under the order, taking into account all the wishes of our customers. We also propose to use the final reinforcement received from the client, than we can ensure easy integration of hose into an existing system. If your product does not react with stainless steel 316 mark, it means that this product is right for you, and we will be happy to put it on your company as soon as possible!

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