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J-Flex is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high performance silicone sheeting products. These include Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes – preferred for use on lamination equipment for forming or thermo-pressing photovoltaic panels, vinyl foil veneers on woodwork and composites in aerospace, F1 cars, marine and other general products.

We offer:

  • Vac-Sil® Pro is our original & most popular Silicone Membrane quality – combining hi-elongation, good life cycle performance under controlled environments and very competitive pricing. It’s available with single or double sided fabric impression surface finish.
  • Vac-Sil® Lamin8 and Vac-Sil® Lamin8 Lite is a unique laminated Silicone and a Polyolefin Solar/PV Membrane material giving extended life in Solar Panel production.
  • Vac-Sil® Lami-flex has an EVA resistant fluorine laminated surface with additional fabric reinforcement.
  • Glass & PTFE Belting offers protection, temperature resistance, high release properties and chemical resistance. J-Flex offer fabricated Transport, Release, Platen & Stringer Belts for all Solar/ P.V applications.  Endless belts are joined by welding, stitching or mechanical fastening, thus ensuring great tracking and dimensional stability. Belts can have end loops fabricated by welding / stitching & can be perforated to suit o.e. equipment.

Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes are only available from J-Flex and offer users many advantages;

  • 1 piece seamless sheet width up to 3850mm wide (no weak joints or marks on lay-up)
  • Good cycle life
  • Good reusability & durability when exposed to high pressures & elevated temperatures
  • Extraordinary “drawdown” stength & resilience
  • Laboratory controlled manufacturing & quality
  • Even flow of E.V.A encapsulants
  • Uniform pressure throughout solar lay-up


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