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J-Flex enjoys an industry wide reputation as the market leader for speciality sheet rubber products and is continually developing and launching products including metal detectable silicone sheeting.

This means we provide a wide offering to the market, not just the commodity items BUT also the really special grades.

Metal detectable silicone sheet from J-Flex contains additives which are visible to metal detector scanning equipment, so that any rubber contamination in the food, drinks and pharmaceutical production process can be easily identified.

J-Flex metal detectable silicone sheet is properly manufactured from approved ingredients; cured and additionally post cured to
meet FDA compliancy requirements.

J-Flex offers strip cut from sheetings and also fabricate gaskets; joints and seals as required for your specific needs. We can also supply extruded rubber sections; cords and profiles as well as moulded components in metal detectable silicone.

All J-Flex sheet products including our metal detectable silicone sheets can be supplied with or without high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive backing.


For more information and offer, please contact us.