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The CineWALL assortment has the widest selection of vibration isolation materials. With the introduction of CineWALL, Farrat has undertaken new research to demonstrate the benefits of compartment insulation, to prove that it is an integral part of the design of any modern multiplex cinema.



The CineWALL MAX is excellent at isolating the high-frequency vibration generated by the 4DX seats, while also providing the highest levels of isolation from the most bulky side-to-side noise such as bowling alleys and gyms.



CineWALL PRO is the most popular partition wall insulation product offered by Farrat. CineWALL PRO is used in over 100 multiplex cinemas around the world. It offers the highest price / performance ratio in the CineWALL range.



When especially high sound insulation is required, but the mass of the wall is low, CineWALL LITE is the best solution for lightweight structures.



Available in rolls of 5 meters for quicker installation, CineWALL NEO has the best sound and vibration isolation in the CineWALL range.


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