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Fitting - the end element of the hose, which has a special profile. Designed to attach the hose to the BRS or flanges.

Complete hose assemblies are mounted with special fittings and crimped with ferrules. It is also important to ensure electrical continuity of the hose assembly when the fittings are mounted. The most typical fittings:

  • flange fittings e.g. DIN (EN) PN16, fixed and swivel;
  • CAMLOCK type fittings (type C or E);
  • BSP male thread fittings;

The fittings can be made of:

  • carbon steel
  • 316 and 304 stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • bronze
  • polyethylene.

ECTFE-coated stainless steel fittings are used when highly aggressive chemicals are conveyed (ECTFE – fluoropolymer similar to PTFE).


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