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Check valve is a kind of armature that protects various equipment, pipelines, pumps and pressure vessels from changing the flow direction of the medium in the process system, and also limits the flow of the medium from the system with partial destruction of the pipeline section.

Ball check valves
The shut-off element of this valve is a ball, which is pressed against the seat.

Rotary check valves
The shut-off element of the rotary check valve is made in the form of a flap. With the current flowing in the specified direction, the flap is in the open state, flowing through the flow. At a current of the environment in the opposite direction, the leaf slams, "sits" on the saddle and blocks the duct.

Lift (spring) check valve
The design of the lifting check valves is similar to the shut-off valve. Only the spring-loaded valve opens not manually, but under the pressure of the medium flow. That is, under the influence of the medium's pressure, the bolt rises, passing the flow, and when the pressure drops, it sinks to the saddle, preventing the reverse flow.

Dual plate wafer check valve
The shut-off valve element of the two-leaf check valve is two flaps fixed to an axis that is located at the center of the cross-sectional area. When the flow passes in a given direction, the valve is in the open state, the flaps are folded. When the current in the medium is cut off, the leaflets open and close.

Single plate check valves
The shut-off elements of the disk check valve serve as a flat disc. Which is connected with a spring-loaded rod. In the working position, the disk under pressure of the medium is squeezed, providing a free flow, and when the pressure is lowered under the action of the spring, it is pressed against the saddle, blocking the flow hole.


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