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The chemical formula of fluoroplastic - PTFE - (CF2 - CF2) n
Teflon-4 unique material produced by chemical process. Teflon has a high chemical resistance. Along with the phenomenal inertness, PTFE-4 is characterized by low porosity, excellent dielectric and mechanical properties. Teflon has a low, almost independent of the temperature coefficient of friction, it is hydrophobic, physiologically inert.
The mechanical strength of PTFE retains at temperatures from -190 ° C to + 250 ° C.
Dielectric properties of PTFE are not changed to + 200 ° C, a chemical to + 300 ° C.
These properties of PTFE makes it essential products in the chemical, electrical industry, instrumentation, mechanical engineering, food, medical, light industry and the garment industry. Teflon physiologically and biologically harmless.
To increase the hardness, heat conductivity, resistance to abrasion, reduced deformation under load and thermal expansion coefficient of 4 to PTFE various added fillers.
The introduction of various fillers in the fluoroplastic significantly increases the wear resistance, hardness, thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, and decreases the tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus increases compressive strength.
The choice of material - filler depends on the conditions of the product (temperature, pressure, working fluid).

Physical and mechanical properties of PTFE-4
Density, kg / m3: 2120-2200
Traction resistance, MPa: 14,7-34,5
Brinell hardness, MPa 29,4-39,2
Thermal conductivity, W / (m * K): 0.25


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