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ABS plastic - a shock-resistant engineering thermoplastic resin, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene. This plastic material with a yellowish tinge, although there are clear modification of the product. ABS plastic is easily painted in any color.

Through a combination of acrylonitrile and styrene butadiene units with impact resistant ABS plastic and elastic. It has unique physical properties, it is the hottest material to produce molded articles. ABS plastic industry produces a homogeneous granules of different colors. On the basis of ABS material produce different composites which belong to a class of special polymers.

ABS copolymer belongs to the group of engineering plastics. ABS plastic wear-resistant, can withstand short-term heating to 90 -100o C. Maximum temperature in continuous operation is in the range of 75 to 80 ° C.

ABS resin is widely used for application to a plating and vacuum metallization. It is easily welded, is also used for precision casting.

Advantages of ABS plastic:

high dimensional stability;
alkali resistance;
high resistance to acids and inorganic salts;
resistance to grease, lubricating oil, gasoline and hydrocarbons;
smooth shiny surface. There are brands of both low and with a high level of gloss and matte.

The main disadvantages of ABS plastic:

Low UV resistance;
Solubility in benzene, acetone, ether, anisole, aniline, ethyl chloride and ethylene dichloride.
Low resistance to weathering
Low electrical properties (unlike polystyrene)
Properties of ABS plastic, you can significantly change when modified source material. Thus, a transparent ABS - copolymer is obtained using four monomers (as a fourth applied methacrylate). To improve weatherability, butadiene replace saturated elastomer. To significantly improve the heat resistance ABS plastic, available in three monomers added to alpha-methylstyrene.

Use of the ABS copolymer in industry
ABS and its compositions are widely used in the automotive industry. On the basis of available plastic interior and exterior of vehicles. This panel, frames, shields, lined doors, window frames, interior parts, wheel caps, radiator grille, mirror housings and lamps, bumper, facing the door.


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