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Amorphous material of high strength, rigidity and hardness. It can be glued, painted, varnished. Easily welded and processed. Flame-retardant, chemically extremely stable. Resistant to gasoline, oils, dilute acids and alkalis. Dissolved by heating in dichloroethane, chlorobenzene. It has only a slight tendency cracking stress. Material self-extinguishing after removal of flame source, good electrical insulation properties. Operating temperature range - from -15 ° C to + 60 ° C.

Characteristics of PVC
Weather Proof. The described material has a superior quality characteristics, so it is very resistant to external aggressive factors, thereby became popular and widespread polymer used in the manufacture of products for roofing.
Versatility. PVC may vary both flexibility and high stiffness.
Durability. Said material can last for nearly 100 years and more.
Fire resistant. Polyvinyl chloride is one of the flame-retardant materials. This is achieved because the molecules of the material contain chlorine.
Energy efficiency. PVC has a high level of calorific value. In the implementation of the recycling process in incinerators generated a huge amount of heat, which is activated to heat industrial and residential premises, and the environment is not polluted.
Hygienic. The material in question is the most common polymer for the production of medical purpose, including containers for the preservation of blood and plasma.
Environmentally friendly. The composition of PVC contains only 43 per cent of oil derivatives, which helps conserve non-renewable natural resources.
Barrier properties. Said kind of material is endowed with a low permeability with respect to a variety of liquids, gases and vapors.
Security. Scientists constantly refuted speculation arose about insecurity PVC conducting research, so it is the most studied material proved their harmlessness.
Cost. Manufacturing covers material that is one of the cheapest polymer allows you to create a huge number of products that have excellent value quality - price.
Possibility of recycling. PVC compared with other polymers more suitable for recycling.


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