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Polyurethane is widely used in many areas as a substitute for rubber, rubber, metal and plastic, has unique properties unobtainable for "conventional" rubber, while having a lower cost. The material has high strength and elasticity, it is less resistant to mechanical wear and deformations, does not lose its properties in the range of from -60 ° C to 80 ° C, and has a long lifetime.

This material has superior resistance to acids, oils and gasoline. Polyurethane versatile and efficiently used in the production of various parts used in corrosive environments. Because it is made synthetic fibers, elastomers of varying hardness and ductility, various foams, coatings and plastics. Products made of polyurethane produced by casting or by casting into open molds, or by pressing. The material is water resistant and resistant to mold, and in some physical and mechanical properties exceeds even metal.

The material is able to give the product a variety of unique features, allowing them to operate in conditions of extreme mechanical loads. This material is tremendously hardwearing, resilient and special treatment has strong links with the metal.

Products made of polyurethane, made by casting, may take a variety of shapes and sizes, simply unattainable for rubber products. Thanks to a major operational properties of the material widely used in machinery, mining, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, construction, food and printing industry, the nuclear industry.

The material is widely used in the manufacture of wheels, rollers and rollers of different diameters, the production of tires for transport rings for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, packing seals, shock absorbers and bushings, belts and conveyor belts. Material resistance to oils and solvents commonly used when working with lubricants, oil and its derivatives.


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