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PEI (polyetherimide), characterized by a combination of outstanding thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, and low flammability, making the most suitable material for electrical and electronic insulators, and other components requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.
Resistant at long-term use up to + 170 °. It has a high resistance to deformation and excellent creep resistance. Fireproof without flame retardants, low smoke when exposed to an open flame, which makes it possible to use this material in the air passenger. One of the most chemically resistant materials. Key features: a very high strength, high stiffness, high hardness, high resistance to deformation, excellent creep resistance, excellent heat resistance, low thermal expansion, high chemical resistance, high weather resistance, high resistance to γ-rays and hydrolysis, self-extinguishing without protective equipment from the flame, the low allocation of the flue gas, a very high torsional strength, approved for food contact
PEI (Polyetherimide) - amorphous transparent polymer with a constant operating temperature up to + 170 ° C. PEI has improved mechanical, electrical insulation and thermal properties. Inherent low flammability and low outgassing - the distinctive properties of PEI, in view of this it is more often used for the manufacture of electrical and electronic insulators, contact strips, iskroraspredeliteley hoods and other parts requiring high strength and stability at elevated temperatures. Due to the very low outgassing, smoke emission when exposed to an open flame, the polymer used in the manufacture of parts in the aircraft industry. Physiologically inert (approved for contact with food). Good hydrolysis resistance and dimensional stability, does not allow the use of a polyetherimide only electrical but also in medical devices, analytical instruments. PEI is resistant to high energy radiation. High dimensional stability, excellent creep resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion - the distinctive properties of the polyetherimide. PEI has a high chemical resistance, weatherability ustochivostyu. In PEI is very high torsional strength.

Main characteristics:
- Very high heat resistance,
- High weather resistance,
- Good dimensional stability,
- High chemical resistance,
- High threshold creep
- High electrical insulation properties,
- Resistance to UV radiation and weathering,
- Resistance to radiation (gamma, X-ray)
- It can be used in contact with food

Amorphous polymer.
Maximum operating so-ra: 170 ° C
The temperature of the production: 330 ° C
Tg: 215 ° C
Density: 1,27 g / cm3
Remarkable Chemical & Solvent resistance
High resistance to hydrolysis
Disadvantages: not very good when exposed to hot hydraulic fluids

Shrinkage during injection molding
Typical shrinkage for unfilled grades:
longitudinal: 0.7 -1.1; 1.0 -1.4; 1.1 -1.6%.
transverse: 0.6 - 1.0; 0.8 - 1.2; 1.0 - 1.5%.
Note: The shrinkage of a particular brand may differ materially from these statements.


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