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What is silicone compound?
TMS is one the largest processors of silicone compound in the world. The science of creating custom silicone materials is known as compounding. Together with its state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities, TMS is considered one of the world’s leading industry experts and has remained so for over 50 years.

The in house compounding facility is equipped with some of the largest processing systems in Europe. Using its weighted buying power, TMS is able to offer custom compounds to meet specific customer requirements, with no constraints on quantity, at extremely competitive prices.

The silicone rubber compounding process
By combining silicone base rubber with a formulation of special additives and pigments, TMS is able to alter the chemical composition of the polymer to meet exacting specifications and standards.
The result is a custom formulated versatile silicone rubber with applications across a wide range of industries and markets.


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