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For Viton™ and FLUOR-A-COM® (FKM) Sheetings, J-Flex has a vast and unrivaled range available EX-STOCK:

  • Viton™ ‘A’
  • Viton™ ‘B’
  • FLUOR-A-COM® FPM / FKM Sheet Product
  • Food Grade Off-White & Blue FDA Compliant Viton™
  • FLUOR-A-COM® FKM / 1 Ply Nomex Reinforcement
  • REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) Declaration
  • PAH / PAK Compliance Certificate
  • Medium Density Viton™ Sponge


Strips, Fabricated Gaskets, Joints & Seals


J-Flex offer strip cut from sheetings and also fabricate gaskets; joints and seals. All J-Flex sheet products can be supplied with or without high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

Special sheet grades can be calendered or moulded in sheet form such as:

  • Viton F; GF; GLT; Extreme
  • Alfas®
  • Colours – Red; Green; Brown Viton
  • Thin Gauge Viton Sheeting: 0.25mm (+/-0.08)

The experience of our strategic partnership means you have access to a manufacturing team that knows the calendering process intuitively and has raised it to a fine art. Finally J-Flex has one of the largest Viton and FLUOR-A-COM® Fluoroelastomer Sheet stocks available in Europe – this means that you can actually buy these products from UK EX-STOCK.


For more information and offer, please contact us.