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Working with highly hazardous chemicals and oil products, especially when a spill occurs near water bodies, requires additional safety and appropriate certification. Therefore, a special tightness test is often required. Our company not only tests every hose we manufacture, but can also come and test on site thanks to the compact equipment and the permission to use the test equipment in ATEX zones.

The test is carried out using a hydrostatic test, during which water (hydro) is pumped into a hose connected to a nozzle to create artificial pressure. The water from the tanks enters the pump, to which a hose is connected. Pumping out the water gradually increases the pressure in the hose. In a hydrostatic test, the maximum working pressure is usually 1.5 times exceeded and maintained for a specified period of time. This is an important factor for many toxic chemicals companies.

When testing large hoses with our test pump, pressures of up to 80 bar can be generated (in comparison, the air pressure in a machine wheel is approximately 2.5–3 bar). For smaller hoses for pumping special fluids (eg gas hose), the test pump can generate pressures up to 1500 bar. Therefore, even in the worst case, such a check will show that the company has done everything possible to prevent a possible disaster.


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