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If the working fluid is hot, especially when using metal hoses, physical contact with the hose is nearly impossible and can cause dangerous burns. Flame retardant sleeves are used to provide safe physical contact. They are made of silicone rubber with a VELCRO coating that insulates the rubber surface from contact with the hand. This coating can withstand even constant exposure to molten metal or welding spatter up to 260 ℃, as well as short-term contact with spatter up to 1650 ℃.

The sleeve is the best solution to protect hoses from high temperatures caused by electric sparks, flames, etc. Available in different colors and sizes, easy to put on and replace.



If the hose needs to be insulated from heat, but direct physical contact is not expected, a cheaper insulating material is used - fiberglass sleeves. They are not skin-friendly, but safe enough to protect against high temperatures up to 540 ° C. Fiberglass sleeves are non-flammable and protect against acids, alkalis, bleaches and solvents, while preventing chafing. Due to its flexibility, it easily adapts to wrap around both hoses and their connections.


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