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Vulcan Tefcan® Expanded PTFE Gasketing

The properties of the expanded PTFE unique material make it a durable and flexible material that is resistant to almost all chemicals / corrosive substances and withstands extreme temperatures and pressures.

Designed for ease of assembly, saving costs and time, and reducing maintenance and downtime due to its long and effective running time.


Material Properties

Vulcan Tefcan® is made of 100% pure PTFE, which is expanded through a unique process to form a consistent, highly fibrillated structure. After compression, the fibrils are locked together to form a strong, homogeneous material that is impervious to gases and liquids.

It seals under extreme temperatures, pressures and corrosive substances in an environment where traditional materials are damaged. Even during installation, the material is incredibly resistant to slipping, relaxation and cold flow - problems that are often associated with other sealing materials, especially untreated or filled with PTFE.

Operates throughout entire pH range, heat-resistant, non-polluting and suitable for the FDA, so it can be used in any industry, sealing the simplest to the most difficult of gasket applications.


Operating Limits

Gasket Temperature: -240ºC to +310ºC (-450ºF to +600ºF)
Internal Pressure: From full vacuum to 207 bar (3,000 psi)
Media pH Value: 0 to 14 (except for molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine)

Limits are for guidance only. Product performance is also dependent on other equipment material and operating conditions.

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