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Drive belts

Belts have the widest range of use. Company TMS offers both standard and exclusive belts under the order.

Drive belts are used every day and everywhere. Usually they are used for energy transmission, the rotation mechanisms limit traffic, and perform other tasks. TMS company cooperates with dozens of companies and warehouses around the world, and that we are able to offer products that are not available from local businesses! We have repeatedly argued that deliver the desired customer belt for us is no problem, and the price of these products confirmed that the work of all deliveries occur directly from the manufacturer or warehouses.

Standard belts. Everyone knows the company, which are widely represented in our market and are popular among customers, but not always, the presence of high-profile names ensures maximum quality and low cost. Company TMS offers you an offer on any standard belts that meet all international and European standards of quality from lesser-known manufacturers. If our price and quality of the products you are satisfied, we will supply all your positions in the warehouse, and on demand you can buy these products from us, what will save your time and money.

Most often acquired abroad equipment specially equipped with drive belts non-standard proposals, thereby tying you to the high cost of a local representative or service company. Typically, these dimensions of the product do not get into the catalog of the manufacturer and local distributors are not able to offer you the required products. Equipment manufacturer enters into a contract with a company that is committed to producing this latest size only to that of the buyer and indicates the product "incomprehensible" code than trying to restrict everyone from providing unparalleled.

Having quite a serious experience in the definition of all kinds of belts and combining this knowledge with our existing directories, we can confidently determine what the product is required in your case. As soon as possible we will try to offer, on the comfortable conditions for you, it is a product that interests you, and if it is you are running, we organize on the basis of our warehouse storing an adequate supply of goods, which you can use in the future.

Fan belts - the category of belts which have little long and narrow (normal) sections. Used in generator drives, fans, and other units of automobile engines. Also different names: timing belt, alternator belt, the belt on the car, drive belt.

CVT belts - belts category (wide) has a section width of 2.0 to 3.4, which besides that transmit rotational energy also operate continuously variable shaft speed (by changing the belt fit in the grooves polushkivov transmission). Other names for variable speed drive belt: belt for combines, belt variator belt for the snowmobile.

  Flat belts - belts category in which the transfer of energy is due to contact of a flat base (bottom) of the belt pulleys (cylindrical / barrel). These belts will operate at higher speeds, and also with smaller pulley diameter (compared to V-belts). Flat transmission belts have less power and are more susceptible to elongation.

  Drive belts normal section (timing belts) - category belts (V-belts), has a normal cross section (1.5 to 1.7). Used in machine tool drives, with a / v equipment and industrial installations. Other names: timing belt, cogged belt wedge, cogged belts, flat toothed belt.

  Narrow belts - category belts, which are characterized by a reduced width of the cross section (1.2 to 1.3). These belts have a lower heat generation during operation, increased speed of operation (up to 40 m / s), as well as increased working capacity and resources.

  V-belts - the category of belts which are adapted to the type section of the trapezoid (isosceles). The working surface of the V-belt - side. Rotation is transmitted from the pulley to the pulley via the lateral friction surfaces of the driving belt and V-grooved pulleys.

  Poly-V belts - category belts that transmit energy during ground contact belt. The base is provided with a longitudinal belt ribs with a triangular cross-section with a pulley, which is provided with annular grooves.

  Poly-V belts - a kind of flat belts, which has an extensive contact surface. This type requires more precise manufacturing and installation of transmission elements.

  Drive belts are used in industrial equipment and / agricultural machinery in the programs, they can work in different environments, transferring power from 0.01 to 300 kW, and even more than that. In the programs use the same belt, group or multiple belt drive.

  Key Features:

  • the calculated width of the section;
  • width on the larger base section;
  • the height of the belt, the wedge angle of the belt;
  • the estimated length of the belt at the level of the calculated width.

Your order can be delivered at a convenient time for you to all the cities of Latvia. You can specify the date, time and route of delivery manager of TMS.


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