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All kinds of bearings

We offer all kinds of bearings for your equipment and everyday needs. In order to meet the technical solutions of different types and applications we offer bearings of different classes and different manufacturers.
Sometimes you are looking for the cheapest bed, because the cost of the equipment you manufacture should be as low as possible, so that you are competitive in the world market; otherwise, you are looking for the best solution for maximum durability, because the place where you need to install this bearing is very difficult to reach and you can consume even lunch, just to break your equipment and risk a low bed you can not, because every hour when this device stays with you and does not make money is very expensive. That's why we offer the widest choice of assortment so you can find the most affordable or maximum quality bearing, bearing housing or part of the belly.

We offer the following bearing types:

  • Ball bearings: radial, radial axial, two-row self-aligning, support, Y-type bearings with outer ring, high-tech bearings with ceramic castors, precision bearings
  • Roller bearings: cylindrical, conical, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, toroidal spherical roller bearings (CARB)
  • Needle: Combined, with or without roller rings, support, single-direction bearings


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