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When designing an auditorium, it is critical that the acoustic performance of the cinema screen is not compromised by rigid connection to any surrounding structures. Our CineSTEEL systems ensure that the most important secondary structure in a cinema, the raked seating, is kept totally independent of the main structure, the structural floor slab and any adjacent screens.This keeps cinema sound where it belongs and prevents unwanted noise intrusion.

CineSTEEL is primarily intended for use with concrete stadia. It is widely compatible with a variety of steel frame type and baseplate/bolt combinations and will keep sound constrained to its source in auditoriums of all shapes and sizes.



Designed specifically for 4DX auditoria, CineSTEEL MAX incorporates high damping isolators to control and constrain vibration while still providing exceptionally high sound insulation.



CineSTEEL PRO is the preferred choice of many of the world’s leading multiplex cinema brands, thanks to its proven and reliable isolation performance. The system is based on hot-rolled structural steel supporting 100 mm concrete stadia and can be used in both cast in-situ and pre-cast arrangements.



CineSTEEL LITE is designed for lightweight cold-rolled and SFS structures which impose line loading. The system utilises high strain expanded polyeurethane strips to extract maximum isolation performance despite low dynamic mass in the structure.

CineSTEEL LITE‘s wide load range allows use in all sorts of lightweight structures, without the requirement for precise load capacity or isolation performance balancing calculations.



CineSTEEL NEO raked seating isolation systems can be used without precise design calculations. Made from 100% recycled/recyclable rubber, CineSTEEL NEO sheets can be cut to size and drilled on site, facilitating very fast delivery and installation.


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