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STORZ couplings

These symmetrical couplings were first created in Switzerland in 1882. The name of the compounds bears the name of its creator Guido Stors. In Europe, these nozzles are used for fire hoses and equipment, therefore they are also called fire hoses or fire hoses. Today they are widely used not only in fire protection systems, but also in general production for pumping liquids, dry and bulk substances in the chemical and food industries, as well as in agriculture, construction, irrigation systems and wastewater pumping.

Both parts of the joint are identical, one of them has a rubber seal. Usually one part of the nozzle is attached to the hydrant and the hose nozzle can be attached to it very quickly - just by turning it a quarter to the side, which is the biggest advantage of this nozzle. Another important feature of these connections is their unrestricted high pressure flow and resistance to dirt and external damage.

Pressure resistant: some couplings can only withstand low pressures up to 6 bar, while high quality forged couplings can only withstand pressures up to 16 bar.

Working fluids: used for the transport of non-toxic fluids, as well as for limited work with oils and lubricants.


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