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Special connections

Every job has characteristics and needs that standard connections cannot meet. Sometimes it is necessary to figure out how to combine the best properties of different compounds with real working conditions and working fluids. Therefore, our company is looking for non-standard solutions that will provide simpler and more convenient connections.

For example, if a flange is used instead of a connection, draining the fluid can become very time consuming and inconvenient. If we have a situation with tanks with toxic substances supplied on railway trains, then it will take a long time to unscrew the screws from all flange connections only, even if the weather conditions are not the most comfortable - severe frost, rain or wind. It is often not possible to use electrical appliances here, as even a small spark can cause an explosion. In this case, we can make a secure connection that does not require screws, but allows you to quickly but safely connect and disconnect the hoses.

To find a solution to such non-standard situations that will speed up the work and make connecting and disconnecting easier and more convenient, feel free to contact our consultants, and we will develop a special type of connection just for your needs.

Pressure resistance: upon customer request.

Working fluids: at the request of the customer.


For more information and offer, please contact us.