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CAMLOCK adapters are a widespread group of adapters that are commonly used in oil and gas applications, as well as in the chemical industry. The simple design makes these attachments easy to use. To connect the nozzle to the hose, simply insert it into the sleeve with two handles. To attach the cap to the hub, these handles are lowered, then they slide into the connecting grooves, thereby holding and clamping the parts together securely. The flat elastomer fastening in the grooves ensures a tight seal. Additional safety is achieved by a special safety switch that is inserted into the slot in the bushing to prevent accidental opening of the handles and detachment of parts of the nozzle. Various gasket materials are available for this type of connection, which allows them to be used in particularly toxic environments.

Pressure resistance: The pressure range varies from a few bar to over 10, depending on the size and material used. Also available are specially designed CAMLOCK quick couplers that work on dozens of rods.

Working fluids: everything except air, gas or steam.

Additional specification: The parts for fastening the HOSE with QUICK COUPLING can be equipped with SAFETY SWITCHES - special plastic connections that greatly facilitate the work with the hose if the hose is to be removed from the tank pipe. These switches are used as additional protection to prevent uncontrolled tripping from standard quick disconnects.

In addition to conventional quick disconnect couplings, quick disconnect couplings are also available with a locking mechanism to prevent unexpected disconnection.


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