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Adsorbents are highly disperse natural or artificial materials with a large specific surface, on which adsorption of substances from gases or liquids in contact with it occurs. The hydrophobic milled sorbent is made of polypropylene microfiber. They are primarily used to delay, collect and remove oil, petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, grease, solvents and other hydrocarbon containing substances), with pollution on land and in water. It is used independently as a hydrophobic sorbent and as a filler for sorbing products, as a load of filter cassettes and filter elements, plants and stations for cleaning petroleum products.

Kinds of production - rolls, sheets, carpets, cores, granules.

Most often these materials are used in such areas as: Oil refining, industry, chemical industry, motor transport, aviation, shipbuilding, railway enterprises, airports and ports.


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