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USN is used for lower and upper draining of low-viscosive liquids, oil and oil products from rail tank cars. The USN lower discharge device is widely used in the petrochemical industry at oil and oil products transshipment facilities, as well as at all enterprises that receive and / or ship raw materials by rail. When developing the USN, design developments are used to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the device operation. Convenience and ease of moving the device without distortions are provided by the use of double-row hinges. The hinges are designed so that they are not required to be disassembled when replacing the seal collars. The grippers can be installed at any point in the drainage device of the railway tank, since they are able to rotate relative to the connection head. The possibility of hermetically sealing the connection head of the USN even on a deformed tank drainage device is ensured by the hinged execution of the grippers and a special form of sealing elements.

Our company provides USN arms in different types and sizes.


USN arms (USN-150-04, USN-150-06, USN-175-04, USN-175-06, USN-200-04, USN-200-06)

  • Double-row hinges provide ease of rotation without distortion during long-term operation.
  • Replacing sealing collars does not require disassembly of the hinges.
  • Grips rotate relative to the connection head, which allows them to be installed in any convenient place on the tank drainage device.
  • The articulation of the grippers and the special form of sealing of the connection head ensure reliable, hermetic attachment of the device to the drainage device of the tank.



USN with hydraulic motor and heating.

  • Prevents product sticking to the inner walls of the machine
  • Maintains the product's operating temperature when draining



USN with a pump.

  • Provides drainage of liquid where it is impossible to drain with gravity
  • Can be complimented by monifold, for draining a liquid of different types, avoiding mixing
  • Monofold is equipped with handles or electric compensators


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