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Monolithic polycarbonate - a continuous sheet of polymer with no internal voids, the characteristics replaces the conventional silica glass. It has a good impact strength 20-21 kg. per m2 and also absorbs ultraviolet luchi.Monolitny polycarbonate has flexibility, transparency, and relatively low flammability. Solid polycarbonate sheet is the most durable of all existing in the world market and produced in an industrial scale of transparent materials, which ensures demand for molded polycarbonate in most industrial fields. The actual service life of solid polycarbonate is 15 years. Monolithic polycarbonate is widely used in construction, automotive, furniture, medicine and in the manufacture of weapons, food industry, sporting goods and remedies in the computer field: media and many other areas.
Polycarbonate boards have protective properties, preventing them from solar radiation.

Advantages of solid polycarbonate:
the highest strength of industrial transparent materials (250 times stronger than glass)
a relatively small weight (10 times lighter than glass)
high transparency (88%)
protective properties: resistance to environmental influences and the effects of chemicals
ease of processing, flexibility, ductility, ease of purification.

Thermal characteristics
The temperature range within which the solid polycarbonate retains its properties from -75 to 100 ° C. Furthermore, the material can withstand a short-term heating up to 120C. Thermal expansion of solid polycarbonate is larger than that of glass. This should be considered when setting sheets.


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