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The service life and reliable use of the hydraulic connection depend crucially on the correct installation.


With proper installation: the required length is maintained, which avoids longitudinal breaks and tensile load of the hose during operation. The radius of bending will not be less than the recommended one! Twisting of the hose, for example, due to the locking of the swivel joint, will be limited to a minimum. The hydraulic connection will be located or protected in such a way that the erasure of the outer layer is minimal. The hydraulic connection will be properly secured if its weight can lead to an unacceptable load. If the defect of the hose line causes a danger of hose lancing, it will be retained or shielded by the shield. Also, if the defect of the hose line causes the danger of the medium escaping under pressure, the hose will be shielded.


Our company is engaged in the installation of hydraulic systems both at the site of the production facility and in our company. Our experts will be happy to provide you with advice on installation.


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