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PVC - is a thermoplastic element that has good chemical resistance to many soln. of alkali and acid, to atmospheric factors and their effects, also to lime.

Flexible and light PVC hoses are very popular in the industry. PVC hose has high strength and rigidity.

PVC hoses are also resistant to UV rays. They have a simple design - the inner surface is smooth, the outer one is reinforced with a shock-resistant spiral made of PVC.

Flexible PVC hoses also are used for transportation of grain, cereals, corn, mixed fodders. Also used for flour, sugar. PVC hoses belong to the group of food hoses and are environmentally friendly. Sleeves have an inner and outer smooth surface, wear-resistant, good resistance to abrasion. Sleeves reinforced along the entire length of the white PVC spiral. PVC sleeves are more lightweight and flexible than rubber. Operating temperature -10 ° C ... +60 ° C

We offer:

  • Reinforced PVC hoses
  • Vacuum PVC hoses
  • PVC pressure hoses
  • PVC Tubing
  • Corrugated PVC sleeves
  • Food PVC sleeves
  • PVC Sleeves
  • Oil resistant PVC tubes
  • Sleeves for water
  • Sleeves for food products
  • Sleeves PVC-reinforced with polyester thread


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