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If the working fluid contains hazardous toxic substances and corrosive chemicals that are not suitable for transportation in metal or silicone hoses, metal hoses with a PTFE inner layer are used. This solution is best suited for indoor applications, as the hoses are lightweight and can absorb pressure surges and vibrations well. Unfortunately, for outdoor use where the hose is being pulled over the ground or asphalt, this solution will not work. Also available with a fastening coating, joints are mechanically pressed

Main advantages and properties of PTFE hoses:

  • Teflon is resistant to many liquids and gases, including alkalis, solvents, oils, aggressive acids
  • Teflon have a wide range of heat resistance
  • PTFE hoses have increased flexibility and low weight
  • Thanks to the use of the Teflon tube, the sleeve has a low coefficient of friction, which ensures a low pressure drop
  • PTFE hoses are easy to clean, which increases their service life, the transported substance does not stick to the wall of the photoplastic sleeve
  • Teflon hoses are resistant to the effects of precipitation and ultraviolet rays

Our company offers a wide range of fluoroplastic hoses in metal braiding!


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