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Gaskets and sealing manufacturing from different materials

We offer to make composites of any complexity from sheet materials: rubber, paranite, graphite, PTFE, plastic, fabric, filter material, thermal cardboard, vermiculite, ceramic fiber boards, paper, cardboard, technical felt and many other materials.
Our equipment for the production of all these products is located in Riga at our workshop and we do all our work, which means that the production time is very fast and the price is lower than that of European producers.
Make seals from your own materials or you can buy these materials from us.
If you are interested in making a seal from paranoid, graphite, teflon or any other sheet material, you can send us a sketched drawing or drawing in any CAD program format, for example, AutoCad. Likewise, our specialists offer to draw a drawing of your sample electronically and make the first samples before full scale production.
Price and time of production are determined individually according to the complexity and volume of your request.


For more information and offer, please contact us.