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Hosebun slings


If you need to move the hoses, but you cannot pull them on the ground, slings are used. Slings help to adjust the height of the hoses,
easy to move in the raised position and attach to cranes or hooks. They also prevent twisting,
compression and bending of the hoses, since the load is evenly distributed along their entire length. If suction work is carried out
with high performance, it is recommended to use at least one sling. Maximum length of slings up to 6 m, inner diameter
from 100 mm to 300 mm. The straps are made of a very durable material that can withstand a weight of 400 kg to 5 tons, depending on their
size. A wide range of sizes allows you to choose slings for hoses and grippers of different diameters. Belts can be narrower and wider
depending on the size and weight of the hose. In case of damage, the cord can be replaced with another one.


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