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Vulcan silicon carbide

Silicon carbide, known for its excellent material properties, is used in a wide range of applications requiring extreme hardness, durability and low friction, while highly resistant to heat, wear and corrosion.

Vulcan silicon carbide is designed to maximize the effects of these properties and is available in varying degrees and is produced in finished products.

In-house production

Vulcan manufactures in-house our own high-quality Silicon Carbide materials from powder processing, molding, roasting, machining, grinding and lapping through to create finished products.

Vulcan has the ability to meet the high volume demands that are made to achieve tighter tolerances and surface finishes.


Material Benefits

  • Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction and thermal expansion
  • Exceptional heat dispersion
  • High chemical and temperature resistance
  • Hardness greater than Tungsten Carbide, close to diamond


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