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As part of Vulcan's extensive FEP / PFA encapsulated seal range, the Vulcan Kamlock® gaskets are designed as universal hose seals without contamination.

The durability of chemical and temperature resistance of the FEP / PFA encapsulation prevents leakage of chemical effects or fracture-induced compounds - two common problems encountered in conventional solid PTFE gaskets. As a result, specifying different elastomer materials for different applications is no longer required.


  • Universal gasket with extreme chemical resistance and wide temperature range
  • Leak-free performance: low compression set and elastomer core energiser avoids cold flow leakage
  • Non-stick surface with low coefficient of friction allows for easy installation and removal
  • Sanitary, sterilisable and FDA specification compliant encapsulation


Vulcan Kamlock® Seals provide a superior seal for any bulk liquid transfer coupling in manufacturing, distribution or storage.


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