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Company TMS is able to offer marine fenders with good price and efficient solutions to suit practically any marine rubber fendering problem and provides a broad range of marine rubber fenders with short lead times. Our Bussines partner is Sweeden company Portsuppliers Group’s. Products are used by a wide range of clients from several industries and countrys, including tugboat & workboats, shipbuilders, in the dredging and offshore industry and in construction. If you have any inquiries or questions on marine rubber fendering, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have many products and solutions for each of them.

Some of our moust popula products:

  • D fenders
  • Delta fenders
  • Square fenders
  • Cylindrical fenders
  • Composite fenders
  • Wing fenders
  • Keyhole fenders
  • W fenders
  • M fenders
  • Cylindrical bow & stern fenders
  • Custom made fenders & profiles
  • Fender bars
  • Push knee & protection plates
  • Fenders for drag head protection
  • Arch and element fenders
  • Polyurethane & foam fenders
  • Small rubber fender profiles
  • Pneumatic fenders
  • PE sliding fenders
  • Buffer blocks


For more information and offer, please contact us.