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One of the most effective ways of sealing flange joints is the use of spiral wound gaskets (SWG), which, unlike conventional sealing flanged gaskets, have residual elasticity and compensate for the resulting gap in the case of temperature and pressure differences in the working medium or in the vibration of pipelines, ensuring reliable tightness of the connection.

Sealing occurs due to the filling microroughness flanges with a filler when compressing the gasket, and the metal tape serves as an elastic frame. As a result of this design, SWG has good reducing properties and retains sealing properties in vibrations, thermal expansions and pressure pulsations in pipelines.

Spiral wound gaskets (SWG) are gaskets wound from V-shaped or W-shaped alternating layers of profiled cold-rolled anticorrosive metal tape and a soft filler band made of thermally expanded graphite, PTFE or ceramics capable of maintaining the integrity of the assembly at pressures up to 25 MPa and temperatures up to + 1000 ° С.


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