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CineFLOOR acoustic floating floors will provide a truly impressive sound insulation experience. From multiplex cinemas to fashion salons and private auditoriums, CineFLOOR provides sound insulation in the premises to its source.

However, from experience we know that each room has a unique acoustic profile and that one product or sound insulation system is not suitable for everyone.

Therefore, we offer all four Farrat insulation products to find the most suitable solution for you.



Designed specifically for 4DX auditoria, CineFLOOR MAX incorporates high damping isolators to control and constrain vibration while still providing exceptionally high sound insulation.



The most common Farrat floating floor product. CineFLOOR Pro has excellent sound insulation properties in relation to the price of the product.



CineFLOOR LITE uses the lowest dynamic stiffness isolators to extract the highest possible low frequencies. Designed in cases where installation of heavier soundproofing boards is not possible.



CineFLOOR NEO is our 100% timber acoustic floating floor for projects where material supply and/or cost are constrained.



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