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Sight glass is one of the most convenient solutions that allows to control the operation of steam lines, as well as to check the presence, level and direction of the flow of liquid or vapor phase inside the pipelines. The coupling version is very convenient, since it allows in a very short time to inspect, repair or replace the glass, because it has a collapsible design. This means excellent maintainability.

Our company provides inspection glasses that are made of heat-resistant tempered, self-polishing glass. Borosilicate glass is resistant to almost all known substances due to its high resistance to aqueous solutions of salts, organic substances, halogens (chlorine, bromine) and to most acids. The glass level indicators are made from thermally hardened borosilicate glass and are used in steam boilers under pressure up to 3.5 MPa (35 kgf / cm2) inclusive. In a special performance, any indicators of borosilicate glasses can be increased many times! In addition, there are several options for manufacturing the coupling - both in shape and in material. The most common forms of devices with couplings are circular glass with a round or rectangular section of the housing.

Coupling materials:

  • Brass
  • Lithium
  • Stainless steel


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